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During the first month your baby will sleep most of the time. This is a period of adjustment and rapid growth when they need plenty of uninterrupted, quiet rest. Excessive handling, jostling and stimulation will result in them being overly tired, cranky, fussy and colicky. Remember, your new baby is not a doll passed from person to person just so “everyone gets to hold the baby.” This over stimulation can cause your child to develop exhaustion and a “nervous” fatigue that results in crying, screaming, drawing their legs up and sleeping poorly (see the section on colic under “Common Causes of Concern in the First Month”).

Your baby’s crib or bassinette should be in a quiet, well-ventilated area where they can sleep undisturbed. This may be their own room or in the parent’s room. Room temperatures between 72 and 78 degrees are generally most comfortable. Clothing should be appropriate for the room temperature. Your best guide is their hands, feet, chest or stomach. The hands and feet should always feel cool, the chest and stomach warm but not moist or sticky.

You can take your new baby outdoors whenever the weather is pleasant. You need not wait any particular length of time following birth. Just be aware that infant skin is very sensitive and direct exposure to the sun should be limited to a few minutes.

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