Infant & Child Restraints

  1. The safest place in a care for ALL children is the rear seat.
  2. Never place a rear facing infant seat in the front seat of a vehicle with a passenger side airbag unless the airbag has been disabled.
  3. In an emergency, if a child (over 20 lbs and older than 1 year) must ride in the front seat, make sure he or she is properly restrained and then move the vehicle seat as far back as possible (away from the airbag) and disable the airbag if possible.
  4. NEVER allow a child to ride in the back of a pickup truck!

5 lbs

10 lbs

20 lbs

30 lbs

40 lbs

50 lbs

60 lbs

70 lbs

Infant only seat (rear facing, never in front seat with passenger side airbag) or car bed (only if necessary)


Convertible safety seat; rear facing until child is both 20 lbs and 1 year old, then forward facing


Toddler only seat or vest; forward facing only; weights vary


Integrated child seat; toddler seat with harness (20-40 lbs) or some as belt positioning booster with lap/shoulder belt (over 35 lbs), as long as child fits


Belt positioning booster with lap/shoulder belt as long as child fits


Shield booster with lap belt as long as child fits


Lap/shoulder belt; position shoulder belt across chest; lab belt low and snug across thighs. Lap belt only is acceptable if no shoulder belt

Weight limits on specific products vary. Always follow manufacturers and vehicle instructions. Use of safety belts varies with vehicle belt system and height of the child. For additional information on the use of car beds, see the AAP statement “Safe Transportation of Premature and Low Birth Weight Infants”.


  1. 1.       Crash data is limited, but anatomical considerations of children over 35 lbs would suggest that the belt positioning booster provides a more optimal fit than a lap/shoulder belt alone.
  2. 2.       A very tall child may require belt positioning booster before 40 lbs.
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