Spitting Up

Also known as reflux, spitting up is common in babies and a frequent cause is over feeding. It may occur during burping, feeding and following feeding.  Sometimes it appears to be an entire feeding that has been spit up, but it seldom is. These babies usually take much more than their stomachs can handle and will spit up the excess. They are characteristic in that they tend to gain weight more rapidly than the average infant despite the spitting up. As a rule, any infant who is able to go 2 ½ to 3 ½ hours between feeding and who is gaining weight well is likely spitting up because of excessive feeding. However, if vomiting becomes forceful, contains a green color, they are not gaining weight properly or if they do not seem satisfied between feedings this should be evaluated. If spitting up seems to become quite painful for the infant, an evaluation is necessary as well.

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