All children will throw up at some point.  This is usually due to a virus, and may be accompanied by fever and diarrhea.  Some children will vomit any time they are feverish or ill.  This can usually be managed at home.  Give nothing by mouth for 20-30 minutes after the vomiting has occurred, and then offer small amounts (1/2 to 1 oz) of a clear fluid, such as Pedialyte for children under 12 months, or half strength Gatorade for older children.  If no further vomiting occurs, offer the small amounts every 15-30 minutes, gradually allowing the amount to increase as tolerated.  If they are doing fine on clear fluids, you can add a bland starchy diet to the clear fluids – such as dry cereal, toast, pasta, crackers, etc.  Avoid cow’s milk until no vomiting for at least 12 hours.  Infants can be breast-fed, or given formula after keeping clear fluids down for 2-4 hours.  If vomiting continues for > 6 hours for infants, > 8 hours for toddlers, and > 12 hours for older children; or if accompanied by severe abdominal pain, bile in the vomit, or no urination for 8-12 hours, please contact the office.

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