Fees & Insurance

The pediatricians and staff of East Valley Children’s Center are proud to offer services to your family and strive to provide unequaled pediatric care.  Our professional charges are determined by time spent with you and your child as well as the complexity and severity of the problem. We are happy to discuss our fees with at your request.

East Valley Children’s Center is contracted with most commercial insurance plans. It is important you keep us informed of any changes to your insurance (primary insured, new cards, etc.).  Current insurance information in your file ensures the correct company receives the claim and denial of the claim becomes unlikely. Copays are expected at the time of service and collected at check-in. Statements are sent monthly when there is a balance on your account. We encourage you to contact our office if you have questions regarding your statement or account and will work with you during times of unforeseen circumstances causing financial difficulties. However, it is your responsibility to be familiar with your insurance plan, its limitations and exclusions, as well as annual enrollment/updates. Even if your insurance hasn’t changed for several years, do not ignore requests from your insurance to verify whether your child/children are covered by other insurance.

Please note: If your child is covered by more than one policy we do not bill secondary insurances. If you request a copy of the visit form this serves as an insurance report, statement and receipt.

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