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Reviewer: Cathy Schultz

I have two girls, ages 2 and 4, that see Dr. Curran. Being in the medical profession myself, I am VERY picky when it comes to picking a doctor, and I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Curran or any of the other doctors at East Valley Children’s Center. He truly listens to my concerns and communicates well, he follows up promptly, never gives the impression that he is “too busy” or rushed, and has GREAT interactions with my daughters. All of his staff is caring and competent, I have never had trouble getting an appointment, and any time I’ve left a message for a nurse to call regarding a question I’ve had, someone has always called me the same day, and even Dr. Curran himself.

We were blessed in being referred to Dr. Curran when we moved to AZ 4 years ago. My son had asthma and had been misdiagnosed so many times prior to seeing Dr. Curran. He was so thourough and patient and explained all the treatments. My kids absolutely adore him and he always spends time with them instead of treating them like just another patient. The kids actually look forward to going to the doctor’s office!

Dr. Curran is an amazing doctor. He is conservative in his care, and takes his time with his patients. You never feel rushed. My daughter was once in the ER while my husband was out of town. Dr. Curran came to the ER, calmed me down and sat with me until he knew I was going to be ok. You will not be able to find a better doctor!

Cared for our son when we lived in AZ. We moved out of state and I miss his office and cannot find his equal!

Reviewer: Leda
Dr. Curran has been the pediatrician for our son since his birth 4 years ago and is now also for our baby girl. He is kind, relateable and respectful. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a pediatrician.

We switch to her from Dr. Arron as my infant genuinely liked her better. She volunteers information which is really nice and is just wonderful to see. While we have only seen her for routine visits I have been very, very, pleased. The entire EVCC group has been exceptional. I love this place!

Dr. Aaron goes above and beyond. He makes both of my boys feel at ease, even showing them his Curious George collection. We are blessed beyond belief to have found him


Reviewer: max

dr. aaron has been the best doctor i’ve ever had! he is very professional and caring. he puts his patients first and always finds time to personally follow up.i wish i could still got to him!

Great doctor!!
shelley w.
My kids LOVE Dr. Aaron. He is so funny! My 10 year old has extreme anxiety when she goes to the doctor but she will see Dr. Aaron with no problem. She loves him.

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