The EVCC approach to care

East Valley Children’s Center provides convenient, compassionate, expert care for children of all ages and all levels of need.

Our approach is simple; provide the highest quality care in the most comfortable and convenient environment possible.

Providing healthcare for your child is a responsibility we take very seriously; we have genuine concern and respect for the children and families we serve.

Raising safe, happy and healthy children is a challenging endeavor, and it becomes even more challenging when sickness or health issues arise. Our goal is to help prevent illnesses, reduce the severity and duration of illness, and minimize your child’s discomfort . . . so all of you can get back to life.

Here are some of the unique services offered by EVCC:

Free Prenatal Evaluations. We recommend selecting a pediatrician before you give birth . . . because if you wait, you’ll be too busy with your new bundle of joy to compare your options. Meet our physicians and staff, tour our office, and experience our approach.

Would you rather expose your new baby to a stranger, or trust him or her with a physician and team you know? Simply call our office at (480) 839-9097 to arrange a free evaluation.

Speak with a physician. Unlike many doctor’s offices, we prefer to speak with our patients when they call with a concern. Instead of speaking with someone you’ve never met or someone who is under qualified, you’ll speak with a physician who knows your child and is familiar with his or her unique healthcare needs.

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