Our facility

At first glance, the physical characteristics of a doctor’s office may seem unimportant… until you consider what EVCC offers.

Our office is not located in a strip mall or next to a busy convenience store.
You won’t need to compete for a parking space or worry about the barriers between your car and our lobby – such as excessive distance or flights of stairs. We are located in a freestanding, one story building with its own dedicated parking. Our facility is completely accessible to those living with disabilities (or moms with extra baggage). We even have a back entrance for highly contagious cases or those with privacy concerns.

The first thing you’ll notice when stepping into our lobby is the lack of toys.
It’s not because we’re insensitive… rather, it’s the opposite. You won’t be waiting in our lobby long enough for your child to enjoy them. Plus they’re terribly hard to keep clean. Lingering in a waiting room that’s full of unsanitized toys is not our idea of good preventative care or a good use or your time.

Our treatment rooms are designed to be comfortable and familiar to children.
That’s why each is decorated with a unique theme that includes murals and artwork depicting your child’s favorite cartoon, movie and fairytale characters. Because a more relaxed child is a more honest and treatable child… which means a less-stressed parent.

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