March 2012

Occasionally, a yeast will cause or worsen a diaper rash. It is referred to as a “fungal infection”, a “yeast infection”, monilia, candidiasis, and cutaneous thrush. The yeast, Candida Albicans, grows rapidly on the lining of the mouth as well as in the diaper area. In the diaper area, the rash tends to occur most often around the genitals with extension onto the mons pubis (the skin above the genitals), and in the skin folds. The rash appears pink to red with an irregular but sharply defined border. Frequently, there are small blisters or pimples along the border area called satellite lesions. There is often peeling of the skin at the edges of the rash.

Treatment requires careful attention to hygiene in the diaper area (frequent changes, avoidance of disposable wipes, careful washing with water and occasionally with mild soap and water, and medication. LOTRIMIN, MICATIN, and MONISTAT creams may be purchased without a prescription and applied two to three times per day until the rash clears.

Oral thrush usually requires a prescription medication. However, it can usually be controlled by carefully wiping the white plaques from the gums, cheeks, and lips with a gauze pad. If you believe your newborn has thrush that requires prescription medication, please call the office to schedule an appointment.

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