March 2012

Until the umbilical cord falls off (usually two to three weeks of age) and the circumcision is well healed (seven to ten days), limit bathing to sponge baths. When both the navel and the circumcision are well healed, warm water baths may be given with particular attention paid to the diaper area.

Any soap can be irritating to your baby’s skin and should be used very sparingly. Your baby can go many months with simple water and wash cloth baths without soap. If you do feel soap is necessary, use a soap-free cleanser currently available on the market such as Aveeno or Cetaphil skin cleanser. The bath water should be approximately body temperature (between 95 degrees and 98 degrees) for very young babies. The bath should be of short duration. Never leave the baby unattended, even for a second, while he is in or near the bath. When the bath is over, pat the skin dry, paying particular attention to the folds and creases of the skin. Powder or cornstarch is not necessary, but may be used sparingly if desired. It should be placed on your hands first, and then applied to the baby’s skin. For girls, avoid heavy use of baby powder in the vaginal area as it clumps and increases irritation. Boric acid powders and solutions and powders with zinc stearate should never be used.

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