March 2012

Cradle cap is a skin condition affecting the scalp which is quite common in babies. It consists of a yellowish white scale (or flake) on the top of the baby’s scalp. There may also be involvement of the eyebrows or eyelids. Often there will be a greasy looking crust.

To help cradle cap resolve, brush the scalp daily using a firm brush with closely placed bristles. Soap and water washings using the finger tips or wash cloth at the time of bathing will help. Never use oils or lotions on the baby’s scalp as these will make the problem worse. If your baby does develop cradle cap, pay special attention to the shampooing of the scalp using a hand brush or fingernail brush and baby shampoo.

Babies who have cradle cap will frequently have a rash on their cheeks and forehead, or over the arms and chest. This rash may be very difficult to clear up until the cradle cap itself has been adequately controlled. Do not use medicated shampoos or soaps without specific instructions from us.

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